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BKLN Clean is a woman, worker owned co-operative, that is made up of a total of 5 members


Cooperatives are an alliance of people who collectively share the same needs. Every vote is equal, and all workers are also the owners.


We sell an eco-friendly all purpose-cleaner that is designed to eliminate health risks for those who are heavy users of cleaning products and those with sensitive skin.


Not only is our product safe to use and eco-friendly, but BKLN Clean obtains a rich history of women empowerment and euntrepeurship in Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Who is BKLN Clean?
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  • What is a Cooperative?
    A cooperative enterprise is a not like most traditional businesses. In New York City, only a handful of people lead the corporations. Most businesses succeed at the physical expense of its workers, that often leads to facing work, life, balance and family issues. At BKLN Clean, we are owned and operated by 5 women, whom all share a single vote and lead the business collaboratively. Finances, time, labor and skills are combined to form a cooperative enterprise, at the shared expense of losses and wins.
  • Where is BKLN Clean located?
    BKLN Clean is located in 435 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11232 All pick up orders may be done at this address.
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